blank dog today 2 times 3 hours alone. Help.

I let my almost 1 year old Pinscher reluctant alone. It comes but before.

Usually 2-3 times a week for an hour when I go shopping or where else am. For special occasions such as birthdays or eating out he stays sometimes 2-3 hours alone. Otherwise, he is always with me, even at work. I think that he has become quite well accustomed. Now I have a problem. At 10:30 I have a hairdresser appointment (approximately 2-3 hours) and this afternoon should I play bowling with my family. (Duration vlt. 3 hours. Will not cancel because new girlfriend of Vaddern and she has this time her boys while bla, bla, bla whatever) Now I'm on rädern.Ist not do too much for the dog? I now want to cancel appointment at the hairdresser. But is not that also stupid? I'm looking for weeks for an appointment. This is really crap. Question is, what would you advise me?

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we then also allowed our dog every day alone, you'll just have to watch only that it adequately feed and water has. the only thing that can happen is that he is bored and newspapers or tempo parcel or something torn, hatt our made to be happy when he was young. and of course you need him again before he let out with it not you in the bude mach but housebroken he will be in the old probably. perhaps he is even happy times that he has his rest ;-)

I do not think that's a problem. My two mice are also from time to time a few hours alone (they are just a couple). But normally your dog stand it. And just as I have understood that you come in between to go home, so not an issue. I'd previously auspowern him well, so he is tired and first round ne sleeping. Then he notices not at all that you were not there: D

Just leave him alone for so long it will not do anything and it's not so long.

Perhaps you have nice neighbors who repent are taking care of your dog ...

Have not you someone who might look from time to time (every half hour-hour) time for him? Someone from the neighborhood or something? Although I think that it well endures it so ...

I think 1x can you do that if your dog does not by now turns or so .. So go to the hairdresser, have fun and your dog will look forward all the more to see you again.

clearly you can leave him alone times

Can not you at the hairdresser to call us to ask if you can mitbehmen him? :) I was at that time, because no one had a problem with

Why do not you take the dog to the hairdresser?

If coming times before that is no problem.

Your dog creates already;)

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