Blass though I'm out a lot

Although I love to prop rausgeh, properly go for a walk every day and now, in the spring often spends a half day there, I'm always in the bass Gesciht. The fall another always on, the question then, if I'm sick. Sure, it was grade winter, but in summer the improved hardly experience shows. Why is that?

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You simply have a light skin type that does not turn brown. Still, you obviously have to protect yourself from light, so never leave without at least SPF 15 the house.

Self siehht with light skin tones usually very unnatural, tanning makes wrinkles and skin cancer and should be avoided at all costs, and in the way it brings not even correct tan with light skin tones.

But there is a simple, harmless means to look fresh even with fair skin: Rouge. Just a soft powder blush on the cheeks Apply (before skin scattern), and already you can see fresher and healthier.

You have to try if you're more of a cool color type (then you need a cool, minimal bluish pink) or a warm color type (then you need an Apricot-tone). A Rouge, which fits exactly to the skin, is enough for all occasions.

It could be that you have a fair skin type easy.

Do you use a day cream? Most day creams have a fairly high sun protection factor and prevent so natural that you get color in the face.

You're just a guy who takes hard color. So you'll have to live. That does not change.

Can wait - if you are necessarily going brown - take self. You lie in the sun and let sizzle for hours I would therefore not make. A tanning salon I would not recommend.

But there are also makeup nachzuhelfen something. There is very good, you can hardly see.

Things do not, see your skin type and if one has not been written in the face redness or red cheeks, could be that the skin is particularly pronounced (in the face).

And as one would like to look in the summer? At the SPF think age will then rejoice, that you have thick skin along with pale skin type you have and LF had used / have used.

Some people are just paler than others!

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