Blind and deaf dog-reading? Tips?


I want to give a deaf and blind puppies from the animal welfare a home. He just has these two handicaps and I find nowhere appropriate advice or reading. Of course for one handicap enough information. But that does not help.

If someone knows something, then I would be very happy about the information.

Kind regards

The best answer

@ shya2015

For this responsible task of talk until you're (compliment), was supposed to be able to offer a good animal welfare thee this correspondents. This is part of a good placement to be prepared for such disabilities.

Question time in a shelter, whether someone know.

Have you watched ever for specific animal forums where there are people who have experience with such handicaps?

Good luck

Blind and deaf is not easy.

Did you ever experience or dogs it were your first dog?

Then I would inquire in shelters and Orga if they know a Hundetrainier who has speziealisiert on such dogs.

I finds mega good that you're doing something! I see enough the cat walk past these dogs /, slso first great! apparently you "range" inexperienced in this, I would advise you times when dog trainers and schools ask whether there jmd well knows, even in animal shelter / animal welfare could you ask. at the animal shelter from which you want to adopt dog / will, will you jmd can help determine / need! I wish you success.

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