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Hello my dears ! I have a 8 weeks old appenzeller rude is blind since birth! My question to you, someone has experience with blind dogs? On what you have to be very careful! I should be grateful if you left can just tell me your experiences! Thank you in advance

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Hello Niki Gina

First great that did you decide for a blind dog. Although I have no experience with blind dogs, but as has been written, you should not move the furniture.

Likewise, I would instruct an experienced dog trainer who accompanies you some of the puppies and stamping phase. The experience has given me such. Training. As her best conditioned single basic commands and consolidates as the retrieval. Also I would never let the dog off the leash, later when the dog is greater a towline. The canvas is the dog provide absolute security. Likewise, I would much pipe work. For this I recommend a buffalo horn double pipe made of wood. You can practice several whistle combination. It is right and the sound is consistent.

Provides best furniture as infrequently as possible to not carry him from A to B. Then he will surely find along without problems. Regarding games, I would try it with a little bell and go both on the nose and on hearing. I also heard that you look at a dog like a bell to hang his leg, so that the dog hears where you are.

Otherwise, I would treat the animal as well as a healthy dog ​​also.

My mouse was once blind for 3 days, but that went quite well after some time. Now she sees something, but unfortunately only 10% and 70%.

So most blind animals (pets) have no restrictions (except the blindness) when they are in a familiar environment.

Most dogs use their nose more. Because they see anyway very poor and few colors. So he should have no restrictions. He is certainly a few times running against your doors or cabinets, but he has since first learning and it will also quickly :)

He should remain much longer, above all, with his mother and siblings. It's a bad habit to separate the animals so early, especially if they are ever so severely limited.

Why the puppy was separated so early from the mother?

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