Bloat with my dog

Hey guys my dog ​​had bloat today and was Operates it's all good now run it is with heart rhythm disturbances in the wake room I'm making huge worry if she manages has anyone experience with something and everything went well with you? :(

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My neighbors also had a bloat in their Shepherd. It could be operated on in time and the dog after that spent several years living healthy before he died at about 13 years to retirement.

Stomach twists can always lead to complications when the tissue is damaged or by the OP but that you do not have in hand.

You have done your utmost to have known that bloat and let the dog to operate immediately. Everything else is no longer with you.

Be for your dog there, have patience and hope. All the best for you and your dog! We express here unknowingly thumbs and paws.

The stomach Dreher all organs are affected, incl. Heart. Had been more at my dogs. Well, that spared him a very painful death. Cardiac arrhythmia are the lesser evil. The chances are that it is good shape, depend on the time of detection and intervention. Too many aspects play with. I hope a good nightlife for you and of course your dog. Note that your dog is the same after such a serious thing never again. Everything is then different. He must always be permanently set to other feeding and strictly controlled in his movements. Unfortunately vets like to say something else. Had heard it, with a result of a second rotator. It learned, other affected dogs could be old. Then steer clear of industrial dry food, also soaked unappetizing.

It is known that in countries where dried fodder is not administered, it is extremely rare to stomach turners. Breeding may play a role (large breeds with tucked up line), but is the "phenomenon" of the stomach turner with natural feeding is weitgehenst unbekann, we know it is not there.

Nix soak with the recommendation, dried fodder! Same for the dog cooking (chicken, rice, carrots) for recovery time, then all lansam to switch to BARF. Not help the dog more than fresh, natural food. I repeated myself, but to put it to me a concern for future feeding and keeping a lot of value.

Pressures quite dolle thumbs.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that it ends well.

Operations are always a risk for the cardiovascular system and of course a burden. An emergency surgery Reborn.

Try to think positively. Time operates, almost all dogs have a very very positive prognosis!

The Doberman 'Tasco' from my Stiefopa had bloat. Tasco had Also cardiac arrhythmia, is but fortunately everything

Super that you have recognized the bloat in time. You've really done everything you can do :-))

It is scho all fit hopefully. Do now times not worry too much about it. I know how it is when the dog in the wake space and does not wake up immediately. My dog ​​and I wish you well u. Press you the thumbs and paws

LG 20Kiraa02

It'll be fine. No fear . We were also, and everything went well despite mind. I wish you still much luck

The cardiac arrhythmia may be after-effects of so quickly and suddenly introduced anesthesia ...

Therefore, it is very good that your dog now in the recovery still may be monitored "intensive" ...

Wow ... there you have but quickly and goodness Thanks responding properly ... The faster the dog could be operated on, the better ...

Yes, I wish you all the best - your dog can now determined far have a good time with his people.

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