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Hello I'm about 3 days abruptly headache had become ill was physically weak and had aqueous diarrhea, so yesterday we went me well only had a bissle joint pain and even a bissle diarrhea and because I have the day before nix gegegessen I have gorged with fastfood sweets etc and dan on the west went the diarrhea go again. so and since this afternoon I geschiesen 2 times blood I think it was dark red blood and then came back normal kot what can be with the blood that makes totally make me am totally restless I'm feeling it totally good physically only have one bissle pressure on the belly more not

The best answer

never hurts to consult a doctor.

The first reason could be anal fissures and hemorrhoids.

Other possible reasons could be:

  • An infection of the intestine. In this case, the diarrhea bloody lasts one to three days on and then disappears.
  • An inflammation of the intestine. This irritation of the intestinal walls has abdominal pain, diarrhea, mucus and blood leaving the consequence.
  • Cancer of the colon and rectum
  • Bleeding in the upper digestive system. Whenever this occurs, the bleeding is normally strong and continuously and thus a serious medical emergency.

Go to the doctor and let the clarify.

Help make you just a doctor. From the emergency!

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