Blutschwamm in the brain

Hey, my sister (18) has a Blutschwamm in the head is not operably because it expresses exactly at the center of movement and they would gelehmt unilaterally after surgery what they do not will.Ausserdem are mental disabilities also could not ausgeschlossen.Das thing anytime burst and lead to small cerebral hemorrhage, but you can also order are old. We have already consulted 2kliniken-among others Greifswald Uni-both with the same result. Is there perhaps like-minded people have the same fate, and so would my sister life.The very helfen.Danke

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My brother has a very rare disability, he's 7 and had 13 operations, some with high risk. We liked it to go helped other sufferers and their families to contact and a 1 year's meeting. Such contacts can be found at the best on the Internet or on therapists, doctors, etc. ... Good luck and hope ︝ (sorry for the long text

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