Bmw 520i 24V? bj 1990

So my question what does the 24v Is it the board voltage so the operation voltage. The normally In 12v.

If so there are possibilities this convert to 12v. Presented as a converter or then burns through. Then he grabs the garnicht or you have a better converter which is designed to please thanks to left.

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The best answer

5 represents the model, 20 for the 2.0 L engine, i for gasoline and 24V for the 24 valves. Pro cylinder 4 and it is a rich 6 cylinder. 6x4 = 24 valves

No 24 V means 24 valves and there would have to be the one 6 cylinder called the 4 valves per cylinder. With a 4-cylinder is called the then 16 V. These motors are usually somewhat more agile and / or more economical

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