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Hi, in recent weeks I have changed my diet already a variety of ways and can achieve some small successes. However, I would like to go ahead and ask me what you have so for ideas. I'm 1.75m tall and 86 KG difficult. My KFA is around 14% and I want to lower it until the summer to 10% or less. Previously saw my daily food as follows:

Morning: 30 gr. Whey Protein with water 500 gr Magerquark.

Lunch: 250gr. Turkey with vegetables and rice

Before training: 250gr. Grained cream cheese

After exercise: 30 Gr. Whey protein, BCAA, 15 gr. Fish oil

Dinner: 250gr. Turkey with vegetables and rice

Liquid: 3-4 liters of water 2-3 cups green tea 2 cups of coffee

Currently stagnating the weight a little and the Kilo's not going down. Have now also two weeks changed to "no-carb", then what has again taken me 2-3 KG down (but this can of course later go back on it).

Would be very grateful if you could help me. Want me yes in summer (2-3 months) feel good. :-)

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Actually, there is no standard diet as it sounds to you. There are different types of metabolism, what you also it recognizes where the fat is located (upper arms or legs, buttocks, stomach, chin, etc). Rice may be useful for the one for the other does not. Also green tea is not good for everyone. If you can find a good naturopath or nutritionist who gives you nutritional advice and your all organ feelings (liver, spleen, small intestine, etc.) involving, you will feel good and achieve greater success. Cooked vegetables is always good, but even here there are metabolically related differences. Make sure that you reduce acid. If man has acid in the blood, it does not decrease. The largest acid producers are: white flour (bread, white bread, cake), sugar, carbon dioxide, champagne, white wine, brandy, etc., citrus (orange juice), unfortunately coffee. Wheat flour you can replace it with rye or wheat bread, sugar, I would completely without (or in exchange with Sukrin or Stevia - one can also biscuits with baking), omit, take more wine in alcohol orange juice and coffee only if you really " Durst "it did.

Just a lot more cardio integrate into your training schedule!

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