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Hello, we have to bring books suggestions, which we would like to read for school. The requirements are that the work of the past 25 years comes, a little more demanding and is suitable for teaching German, the original language is German, and it can not be a crime. Do you have any good suggestions?

thank you

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I have at school then I think "The Reader" by Bernhard Schlink must read. This is a very interesting story and a well-written book. Since we can pull in German classes a lot of issues and tasks at that time. "The Reader" was even filmed.

I do not know what grade you are currently, but we read at the end of the 9th grade in German lessons "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" and I personally fande it very nice because we always discussed it a lot because the book also relatively many places has, over which one could discuss times. Also, we have to get really creative relatively tasks, I must say. So I do not know how the book is challenging, the topic is definitely. :)

How about "shadow children", the book I myself last half year durchgenommen (6th grade) It's about a Jungen.Er is a 3.Kind in a society where only 2 children are allowed. The first 12 years of his life he spent in hiding, but then everything changes More details I will not tell;! D

Look here: is exciting and real, can be compared in the classroom with "In the West, nothing new," real Erlebtes against imaginary story of Remaque.

the Cloud, The Fault in Our Stars, the wave, like Alaska

"The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak?

Homo Faber

we read in German and I fande it super! (:

We read this book soon in German classes (am 10th grade): http: // qid = 1424889458 & sr = 8-1 ...?

Blueprint, the Wave, Night Train to Lisbon (the last we read in the 12th)

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