Bottomless Trap Hole vs. Compulsory Evacuation Device

Hey, I'm sitting here just a few friends and we are in a heated discussion. After a monster summons special, bottomless pit event has been activated. Thus the monster is not removed from the game was forced evacuation device activated and now we have two sides with very trifigen argumenten. Now what is really true?

The best answer

The monster comes to hand. Clearly. Something called chain link. For example: Someone activated so 'ne fall, after you activate it, double cyclone to destroy the card. The trap was destroyed by double cyclone. Why was it destroyed? -Because You double cyclone have activated later. The same is also here: As you Zwangsevakuirungsgerät have activated after the bottomless pit, Zwangsevakuirungsgerät is played first.

Are you sure? We really had a lot of arguments and this was also there. I'm the very safe and the same opinion but there were just other opinions are also credible.

if you aktievierst first bottomless pit and drop your opponent on zwanksvakuierungsgerät share fourth then the monster is placed on the hand back because that is the chain link disbanded from behind. I'm not sure if it's true, I think, but it is so I hope I could help you :)

yes Clear8's absolutely right!

Since the chain is always resolved away from the last element, first comes Compulsory Evacuation Device and is the monster to the hand. Thereafter, the pitfall would come, however, is no longer a target there so forfeited this easy.

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