Boxer dog heart disease

How likely is it that this dog gets heart disease ?!

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With conscientious breeders preliminary investigations of the parents are taken to heart disease, among others, is standard. Exclusion can nevertheless be some diseases never, even if the ancestors are completely free of it.

Large- and giant breeds may be more vulnerable, small breeds have other problems.

I want to buy a puppy, I research about coming end into consideration kennel, looking for contact with people, dogs have therefore based. But even that is no guarantee of life-long healthy dogs. The there is simply no, not even at half-breeds.

Many races (actually almost all) are in particular reputation regarding Krakheiten and vulnerabilities. That is why special attention should be paid to conscientious breeders.

For example, the German mastiff very for stomach turners, also heart disease and osteoarthritis is anyway susceptible. With this knowledge I would still always keep Great Danes and since nearly 20 years. With appropriate care, especially feeding my have become disproportionately old. Losses due to stomach turner I had, because I did not know the devastating consequence of industrial feed. With the heart, it never was a problem.

Look carefully to where the dog is and have no need to fear eventualities this magnificent breed.

All larger breeds like boxers, Rottweilers, Retrievers, German Shepherds, etc. suffer more frequently than other breeds from a congenital narrowing (stenosis) at the transition from the heart to the aorta. If the narrowing is strong, the dogs tire easily and often die in the first three years of life. One can now stenosis but treated very well; you can see the narrowing wide even through a catheter intervention.

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