Breed wanted ... bear dog

Everything I know myself already with dogs very well but habn our neighbors nen dog ... I can but currently nivh ask .... my mom she asked once but can not leave your more tuned commemorated ... iwas with bears dog but irgentwas before ... I can picture you also unfortunately Nicj give because I have the nochnich geseheb ... is with us already too dark ... and Sry for the write errors

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iwas with bears dog but before irgentwas

Germanischer Bärenhund

Shoulder height: Males: 70 - 85 cm Bitches: 65 - 80 cm

Weight: Dogs: 50-85kg Bitches: 35-70kg

Colors: blond, deer red, gray blonde, dark blonde, anthracite

Coat: Dense fur possible in different lengths

Use: Warehouse Schutzhund / companion dog

Karelian Bear Dog

Color: multicolored, black, white

Fur texture: rauhaarig, smooth, woolly

Withers (male): 54 - 60 cm at the withers (female): 49 - 55 cm

Weight (male): 25 - 28 kg (female): 17 - 20 kg

FCI section: 2: Nordic Hunting Dogs

Use: hound, Familienund

Germanic bears dog ... Karelian bear dog ... German bear dog (mix, designer dog, as labradoodle and co)

There are some wonderful videos on YouTube adjusted from a breeder: Germanischer Bärenhund

So a dog will probably move next year when my youngest son ... I'm looking forward to it and will probably be very common to visit there ...

Karelian Bear Dog?

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