bring dog to that he gets along with cat

Hi, we have a 5 1/2 year old French bulldog and want us soon like to buy a cat, let's soon time to go with the dog to the cat owner to look at whether they are würden..nur was our dog until now not so good to talk to cats, you have tips how we can do that our dog is better understood with cats?

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I'll only say kanns cats considerate. as long as the dog is not in a position to have migraine in silence (no hunting, no permanent bark) will hardly accept a cat a dog but peaceful. the then contentious when the dog comes into the vicinity. Optimally, the dog is tired with the first encounters and is located in the corner. and migraine should always have the possibility to withdraw. many cats mean by a dog a potential mortal enemy. and if the dog does hunting drive and wants to kill ne cat also little opportunities.

dog or not, the cat must be kept appropriately. ie einzelhatung only if migraine than half a year old and is neutered and after eingewöhnungsezti must directly into the free gear. never kitten before 12 weeks living and never alone. and in house entertainment ne cat alone when no other cats more accepted-but then wirds also usually difficult to teach her nen dog to accept

Let's try that can be anything from dogs like a cat of my barking whatsoever cats to but with my grandmother he has one left alone because she snapped at him since he leaves her alone

Oha - well I wish you every success! :-)

We had 2 cats (3 years old at habituation) and a German Shepherd (also 3 years old). I brought the cat - my husband the dog.

From habit as could be no talk until the last breath of the animals. It has been patient, nothing more. If you came to close, there were nagging and the dog has ne bloody nose fetched. Against most cats lose virtually every dog ​​way.

Relaxed it was only through the garden, where all could move freely and gave the cat the opportunity to withdraw on trees and in other gardens, when it was too stupid to them. In the apartment (as we were only used) it did not work.

I wish good luck. And when you have done it, then let us know :-)

Personally I do not think it is a great idea, dazuzuholen to nem dog nor a cat. Since the differences are simply too large

If anything I would buy myself a very confident cat who explains the dog very quickly that he has to stay at a distance. Of course something has learned to the dog to leave the cat alone but claws are effective teacher takes.

Course, if you do not want to take the risk that the cat processed your dog to Sushi you considered that again.

you have tips how we can do that our dog is better understood with cats?

read you times through this link to:

http: // a = 1 & t = 0 & y = 3001 & r = 0 & n = 246 & c = 25 & amp ...?

However, so works a merge is not always and one would be of the cat then separate again.

Waa is not good to talk to cats? What does he do?

if a dog has nothing with cats at the hat, has had bad experience, or simply a prey animal in the cat sees you can not do nothing about it.

Why on earth want as many people think at the mercy necessarily alien animals together? In one dog in the age I am afraid that the cat will not have much fun!

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