bring Jagdtrieb my young boxer dog under control !?

My 10 months old female Boxer has unfortunately (at least with her already featured animals) a relatively strong hunting instinct. a few examples: -Meerschweinche: they kennnt since she is with us, so at 9 weeks, and since they will always hunt, stands in front of the stall (in winter in the house, in the summer outdoors, Amy my bitch but comes nowhere to them directly ran) is rigidly, staring the pigs and trembles, hunting behavior halt (outside she runs like crazy around the stall, which for pigs, too, a certain stress is. However, they can retrieve the guinea ago to, but once they there is, it runs a moment then again, if they are not preventing them.

-Bartagamen (Lizards): similar to guinea pigs.

-Horses: Again selbes behave, and she is angry against them and runs like crazy on a leash, wanted even by a horse through the gate, bite into the nose.

Doves: With many dogs eig so, but it is annoying when you where pigeons has and you amy can hardly keep up with the leash.

Cats do not like so and so, even though they knew of the breeder cats.

How can I get this behavior best control? Quite I suppose it will not go away, but at least they will not be quite so absently, sometimes for example, the guinea pig in silence leaves. One more thing, so to bring her these animals closer, brings nothing that makes it worse, for I have already tried. And they always correct somehow, would perform at home also difficult to, as you 1) in the house when they near the has stalls always would be next to her and 2) if the guinea pig now in summer again outside stall come in and Amy even walking around outside, one can not constantly engage in, one has to do other things and amy only fact controllable if you have time to let in the garden, is also no solution or in summer then all doors open.

The best answer


Please remember the advice with castration quickly. Education error can NEVER be solved by neutering!

And good that you've already recognized that you have a hunting instinct never "weger pull" can - you can only try to control him.

I have been a few weeks, a 6 year old Spanish greyhound who has an extreme hunting instinct - and although my dogs with strong hunting instincts are very familiar with our Whippets - I had to occupy myself now very intensively with the topic.

However, the subject is so complex that you can not explain in a few sentences there.

BUT my tip for you:'ll get you the book "Anti Hunting Training" by Uwe Friedrich - that really goes deep into the subject and offers excellent approaches and assistance. So now I have been working since the beginning of March - and our dog has made good progress already super. From target course, we are still miles away - but that would be after as few weeks of training very presumptuous to try to expect. But we are on the right track.

A dog trainer can naturally help - but to many, many individual hours are necessary - and of course you have to find the right performance coach. And inexpensive, it is not.

Good succeed


I had the problem with my white shepherd dog also, at worst it was in puberty, as it sometimes haute abruptly easy while the walk from the pasture and "drove" the cows or sheep together. that was not fun for me, I made a serious worry me. especially since we were puppies times a week in the dog school and he was quite well behaved therefore.

I was then in addition to an anti-hunting course, but which alone has not brought. I was able to read the dog indeed better and safely prevent much, but still my dog ​​was still running continuously with a certain look around.

then I had the brilliant idea. my dog ​​is extremely play and eager to work. I then took on each walk with a bag with various gambling testify. a private toy he always carries with him, the throw I- or hiding him during walks.

in addition I built then but whenever it carefully in a direction watched an additional game. he looked, I cried spieeeelen and reached into the bag and pulled out a toy and ran with it in her hand away from him. he ran us to and when he arrived with us, I played a round with him. afterwards I supplied the toy again.

as the well worked I had a whistle the whistle a. when a heron afterwards sprang I whistled for example and cried spieeelen. again the hand in the bag, play etc.

I made over months so and since then I have a super retrieval. is important that this never toys remain his booty, but exclusively yours, you then but to play with him for sharing. they are always supplied in the bag.

now it is enough that I only own toy and whistle it did. Although the hunting drive is still there, but he was so channeled. it is a somewhat laborious training, but it was worth it.

So for me, it sounds as to the your dog is not much education has enjoyed. On a leash pulling in pigeons or horses, guinea pigs angry, get it can indeed but runs the same go again. Then you just have to build the demand so that it just lingers a while with you until you give freely again. A pure hunting instinct you can not work off. Since you should visit a good dog school and same place separately also an anti hunting training. The great thing is this, the dog can still hunt and pursue his exaggerated, but it is directed in a controlled system. To avoid stress for your dog and the other animals you make the dog away from the guinea pig enclosure and also by the horses. This may end badly for horse or dog. Controlled walks are as popular with towline. If you let make the dog always idiocy, then internalized and solidifies quickly such behavior. Especially when the Pflegel phase begins.

You can redirect the behavior and her as a better alternative to hunting offer an alternative that makes them along with you.

I'd definitely looking for a good coach one does not fall over Rangordnungsgeschwafel already in the lower ranks, which, incidentally, would also no coach who would be described as well ...

Books and DVD's are great but the issue with the hunting motivation of dogs is too complex than to fix it through a book and / or a DVD.

Vengeance when you mentioned problems should look as a coach it and jointly work with you and the dog systematic training.

Marker training here would be very helpful as one so as to get the dog are amplified and as with movies, then you offers as the Lauerspielchen that replaces the rear of the actual "prey" after rushing.

But since you do not see here what exactly your dog shows most it's impossible you really say what you could use as a functional amplifier and how you can redirect the behavior most sense.

Therefore my advice seeking out works a well-trained coaches of all look at the spot, not mental or even physical sanctions and the newly developed good training together with you ...

What are you doing so on employment?

Boxer're now very active dogs and yes you nowadays often grown as a "working dog". The beudeutet that the "work" need - often boxers are out in the IPO sector, but also agility, Obidience, Trickdog etc. are options utilize the dog. Degrees so intelligent, energegeladenen dogs need it just more run as stubborn Gassi)

What I would also necessarily practice is impulse control. So that they do not immediately losprescht when moving stimuli.

Castration I would first push away sooooo far. Castration never replace a good workout and can also many unpleasant "side effects" have - because you should inform yourself thoroughly first before leaving take a healthy dog ​​unnecessarily healthy organs. Unfortunately, doing a little today ...

In the dog school can you train it is indeed as you say not completely go away, but at least he can work out something.

Katha87 hats already answered perfectly, there's only the dog school and neutered.

In the dog school. And neutered.

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