Budget, durable student notebook wanted!

Hello you out there!

Since our university material is always digital, I will in the near future probably have to buy a folding machine, ideally a 13-inch device with a matt display, low-power CPU and possibly SSD is processed the sound. Cost point +/- 400 €

I know myself when it comes to hardware though quite good, but were notebooks for me so far never really subject and the flood of ultraportables, notebooks, ultrabooks, convertibles, etc. pp. is a bit daunting.

Therefore, I will now on the notebook savvy users judge among you and am very pleased with your recommendations!

The best answer


I have half a year old notebook of mine are I3 processor and 4 gb ram had would have had to buy for 500 to assign for 350 at intresse you meld easily this also has a touch function

Theoretically, a 12 inch netbook would be enough, if you need the machine only for Office and Internet research.


From a performance point of bad, but if you just need it for Office and Internet, then the richest.

Moreover, it has no fan -> very quiet operation

Lenovo offers for students:


Simply by watching times you may find indeed something suitable. probably for you would be the L-series the most interesting.


I can tell you recommend the Acer Aspire V3-371-356F notebook. With the size of 13 "for the university truly useful (as you it indeed wanted).

It has 4GB of RAM, an i3 processor, 500GB HDD SSHD (ie 500GB HDD and 8GB SSD) and Windows 8.1 preinstalled. Of the 8GB SSD You will not notice it too much. However, it is difficult to find 400 € a 13 "notebook with SSD. You could you but still hindsight signature when you realize that you laptop sometime is too slow. 256GB SSD costs now only about 100 €.

The Acer Aspire V3-371-356F is robust and is priced at 449 € for notebooksbilliger.de (currently but only 1 piece available).

I hope I could help you.

Best wishes


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