Buffer explosion at the gas heating system

Hi, I have an approximately 17-year-old heating system in the basement in a row house. In the past, from time to time to the plant so loud hits that you thought we fly into the air. Several times I have called plumbers who could not find the cause. Lately piled this "creepy Exlplosionen". Often, the system switches off completely and when I turn it on again, it has difficulties to light again, then it crashes again very loud. What could be the. Has anyone experienced something like that before. Does anyone have experience with something. Does anyone know the cause, what it can do. For helpful answers I would be very grateful.

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So basically this sounds as if the system ignition problems, the cause may be a defective ignition electrode or an improperly functioning pilot burner here. At worst, the gas control block may be defective, in the simplest case there is an incorrect setting of the ignition gas.

You should ask any specialist to rate pull, and please do not even try to screw.

This could be for example a deflagration and thus it may be that the flame choked so what can also happen wen a negative pressure in the combustion chamber entsteht.Wen there are no technical reasons for this problem must be eg again the combustor wait (Cleaning (SOOT) ) Maybe you need an extra flap for Kammin or maybe a steel Kamienrohr must be fed there so for example the explosion by the wind not only in the combustion chamber statdtfindet.Das but you should ask the chimney sweep

To advise you, missing the most important requirements. That would be the Information manufacturer, type, and all equipment such as control, etc. If you want to make it perfect, then you make a couple of pictures and ask it here. Then I can or other you also might help!

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