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Hay guys, I am 14 years old, 1.80 tall and weighing 86-84 kg. Now I even know that I'm overweight so. but I want abnehemen the end of June until the summer and build muscle .. there is the question. How much should I best fall by just so build with the earth muscles? .. I'm doing 2 times a week sport and am registered at the gym .. I do not want too little muscle but not too much .. I would like to appreciate your helpful tips :-) thanks

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Pick a coach in the gym, or someone with experience, who will tell you anything to weight training and nutrition.

Stichpunkt diet: this is entscheident for slimming. recommended is a low-fat diet. Here is one, as the name says, a few grams of fat a day, and then healthy fats. You should also decrease to a ckal deficit of 500 calories a day have. Recommended Diet (Valuable ingredients, many proteins, etc.) are turkey, salmon, vegetables, low-fat fruit, rice, etc.

Generally healthy protein also are bread (toasted tastes especially good;)) or hard cheese.

Waivers if possible as much as possible on diet food. Through ingredients such as aspartame, these are anything but healthy!

Too much muscles you will certainly not have until summer. Otherwise, the people in question in fittnessstudio can tell you the best ...

If you are already logged in to a gym, ask the same to there. The can give you safe tips.

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