build own stables, what should I consider?

Hello, I hope that I can express at least somewhat understandable my problem now. So, my gelding should be maintained due to a dust allergy dust reduced. Unfortunately, this is in his stall jetzigem impossible, and unfortunately there are just 20 km radius no suitable barn. Therefore, we are now wondering about our own stable (with pastures) of an adjacent farmers to build in the barn. Hence my question: What do we need here all note (regulations, pasture care, etc.)? What costs would come to us? We thought of about 4 boxes, 3 of which we wanted to rent. Would answer me of fast forward :)) MfG 13ynnej

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Boxing is no longer built today - and if your horse is to be kept dust, then there is only the loose housing for him.

The simplified version is a shelter or an open barn, which has a large all-season run before and then a couple of paddocks which hopefully connect it directly.

First, open stables are healthier for the horses, while less labor intensive for the horse owner. Setting you still there - the trend is nevertheless in the right direction towards the welfare.

If you want to keep it you should respect the daurauf the horses can pull back, shelters (In case of rain, sun, wind) have 24 water for free disposal in a playpen. Regular feeding with hay, oats or additional funds. Everything should be safe delimited, or May out are no nails from walls or sharp edges exist on which your horse can hurt. Also you should on the food and water pay as much as possible stand apart so that your horse has to move.

I hope I could help you a bit :)


First you should talk to the farmers, the owners of the land and secure a written contract. If you have problems with legal contracts, then get the help from a lawyer.

the property is in the town Etter, then you should make knowledge the building authority of the municipality. Perhaps a planning application is necessary.

If he is stauballerigiker I hold open stall definitely also meaningful. And possible no hay silage but

Why boxing? Why not open stable?

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