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Hi, currently there are still heated discussion concerning. The G36. How do you feel about what are your experiences and would be a shift to the M4 the Americans sensibly ??

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What most disturbed me about the gun, was fogging the reflex sight and the rapid collapse of the shoulder rest (often in Sitationen where this could not use).

From handling her wars pleasant, where I missed the caliber of G3.

M4 I think is no alternative. If only for economic reasons and because we have enough arms industry in Germany.

The M4 would be a retrograde step, especially since it (the XM8 funnily a slightly revised G36) in a test in the US other weapons such as the FN Scar or the XM8 inferior.

The G36 is a good, relatively robust gun, which is great for many situations. It only has a few drawbacks. First, the smaller caliber, which makes it at greater distances less effective, on the other hand we hear often a few complaints about the Viesierung the German version.

The M4 will never be an alternative (especially to be phased out in the foreseeable future). There are better weapons on AR-15 basis as the HK416. However, a conversion of current weapons could create remedy.

The G36 is a good rapid-fire carbine. This is confirmed by German soldiers, just as by the soldiers of the Spaniards and Canadians, these use the gun well. A change to the M4? Never in my life! Why should Germany use as a guarantee of quality and a large arms industry a rifle from the mass production of Colt?

M4 is no better has far more common disorders

No, the M4A1 or the normal M4 will come on garkeinen case as a standard assault rifle in question. The German Bundeswehr always ordered their weapons at Heckler & Koch. The G36 will most likely retain only improved. LG

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