Bundeswehr when will the certificate checked?

Hey I had times ne question unzwar I am for fwdl advertised in the German army as a paratrooper. My application I sent in late February. But in March a case against me was initiated due to slight Körperverletzung.Aber I application form I had checked that there are no ongoing proceedings against me. But despite that I got the appointment for screening next week pending. But a woman who works at the Youth Office with the earlier I had a conversation found it very Oddly I've ever get an appointment. And I therefore wanted to ask if anyone knows when the certificate is ever checked. Upon receipt of the application, before or after the screening.

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It is just checks whether the candidate is a man vernüftiger and no criminal ... finally you will eventually get a gun in his hand, and because it would be bad if you can not responsibly handle it. Who has a criminal record, is not reliable ... and who says that he does not again what does? ... Make False information is also poor ...

When you run a process and have angekruezt that there is none, the problems might be. I do not know if the request the certificate, but if it comes out you're flying out definitely. Moreover, I know but not exactly, you could get for fraud problems because you've deliberately lied in order to get an advantage. I would correct it immediately.

You are obliged to report any changes immediately. not Are you doing, you commit fraud setting.

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