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Hi, Our dog was buried a few hours ago. It really is a very bad loss for us. I'm not the question out of my head: what if she wakes up under the ground and then dies of suffocation? That makes me just finish. She was put to sleep because it was so old ud very sick. Does anyone have any advice for me?

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Hey :) So one thing I have to tell you: YOUR DOG WILL NOT AGAIN WAKE. Since you also brauchhst not afraid have to if you can euthanize an animal is the means to make a living too strong to get back. And do not be of such horror stories that say that such and such is woken up and then erstikt is ... do not affect the most eh not agree. :) And my tip directing from you! Do something with your friends or what your family because you get the same on other thoughts :)

Even if the dog should not be dead, he would not wake up and suffocate, because he also needs to breathe when he has fainted. So card includes your dog choking earlier. An euthanasia is always successful (if you can call it that)

the veterinarian exactly respected it that your dog really has no heartbeat. it is really no longer wake up and has now got a nice place.

As bad as the well is, but it has been put to sleep and thus completely died. You will not wake up. I'm sorry for you, an animal is always a family member, and that hurts ...

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A truly tragic event, when you lose a (long-term) faithful family friend, I'm sorry for you and your family.

However, one can say that if a veterinarian lull a dog, he dies very probably. I've never heard that a dog after such a syringe wakes up, because they did not work.

But still - she tries with the idea to resign, that he died and just you remember that everything is going well and he comes to his grave site to rest. he is certain this awakening - this evil, he did not deserve.

Steering stand out and let your grief run wild, do you hear? So it'll work best with the processing. :)

Best regards,


Do not think of something. Your pet was redeemed and a TA notes death.

Lenke your thoughts on good things that you have experienced together.

has Do nich euthanized as many thought the veterinarian of your dog will be been sure that he really ,, sleeps "(sounds stupid I know)

You will not wake up, because she's dead. You Dosoerung when euthanasia is always fatal, especially your dog already was weakened. Do not think about.

No, he did not wake up. My sweet cat named Angel I also buried, was also euthanized ... My condolences for your loss.

Your dog will not wake up again. What is dead is dead and will remain dead.

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