but 2 rabbits adopted the quarrel

Hello My rabbit both Ca 1.5 years old males and females both neutered and sterilized. The two battle it out the last two days which is here again Fell. Since I have only been 3 days, I wanted to ask whether the normal rank fights are because they're new here or if I should do something about? He can not serve up to she wants but then climb and vice versa, the same he lacked already rellariv lot of fur on the side when I got him. Can you help me ?

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Hey you,

the doe is neutered, sterilized (which prevent the fallopian tubes) makes in animals usually does not make sense. Otherwise: Did already the two in before they hit with you and if so, how long? How were they previously held?

That rabbit chase on a new ground, is not uncommon. Have enough space (6 sqm?), So they can avoid each other?

have bursts enough they can have fun on 15sqm ... Yes, it is sterilized makes no sense but it was previously, and indeed the two kennnen since 1.5 years as she has previous owner it from the pet shop bought

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