but Entschuligt still blocked?

I've apologized to a girl who had previously blocked me on all social networks, (reason you have not experienced). I've seen that I was a bit of an idiot, and I accept the blockage. Then I got you by chance at a party seen and ignored because I do not want to disturb in any way. She has me apparently but then noticed and seen, and is suddenly approached me, smiling with a pretty friendly and has ummarmt me. I was quite surprised, and at first did not know for what reason you did that. They went but really fast away, and continued to dance. A while after that I thought about it briefly again to, and just before I went, I packed up my courage. I went personally to you, and apologized for the "cause" why she had blocked me. She said it's nice that I came personally to her, and I've apologized, and ummarmte me one more time. Shortly after I left, and afterwards was still pretty excited, but also happy. I looked the next day to "FB" etc., and realized that I'm still blocked by your. I I'm pretty confused and have no idea what to do now, maybe that was just a Blöff of her ... I have to accept it so, can surely do nothing: '(

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I do not understand anyway why you block someone because of an argument, but good. Either it has not come to change that, or they did not think of it so far, or they just want to currently despite the apology no contact.

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