but have a minecraft premium account'm not premium ?!

Hello I got me some time ago bought minecraft on: https://minecraft.net/ got me registered there and then bought minecraft legally via paypal and then I downloaded it, but at gommehd or other at all, I'll be kicked out of play, because premium player, or if the server is that it is full is indeed off the only premium players purely can. I always thought I have no premium account because I had bought it, yes, but read hab, if you buy it you a premium account. Is this perhaps to the fact that I have my password recovery times and a new made or I changed my name? Why am I not premium?

Thank you in advance!

The best answer

If you can sign up on the launcher, you have Premium. This means simply that you have bought the game. However GommeHD and other servers have their own premium receipts that are then only there on the server and provide you benefits.

delete all cracked programs and login again from scratch at the official Launcher.

Is the only gommehd or on private well and you'll gommehd thrown when vip come online so you need you on the gommehd.net also pick when you play as wilster without kick

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