....... Buy a dog or not?

Hi folks, so I have just started my first semester and would like to buy me a small dog. However, I'm somewhat unicher because I'll be so weekdays few hours away. Do you think that the dog will be unhappy and that animal cruelty is?

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The question is not so much whether it is possible in the study because it is often quite freely in the schedule. I was allowed to take a special permit with the Uni my shepherd puppy then even.

Exciting it is then when you might still want to do a semester abroad, a job looking where you are allowed to take the dog, move must and the dog do not get home, maybe work all day need and are thinking about how you should organize this with dog. Since you plan on about 12-15 years have you doing your life more difficult and schränkst your options very one. As a child in the study.

It is possible if you really want and can stand back a lot of things (evening away after the dog during lectures was alone it may not be there) but the long-term planning is not easy and a real life decision what's important.

Where I was still studying, I could not keep a dog. Since I was on some days from 6-16 pm in the university. After that purchase, make food. To the end of semester exams and tests were announced, I was even from morning to night in the university usually still PiP thereafter. Honestly, you yourself have come to the point. The best thing it can with the dog, as long as you can no animal alone can. Midweek you are partly 35-40 hours on campus. not learning included. For the benefit of the animal rather do without it.

A puppy can the first few months not to be alone, and must then practice slowly.

But if you fetch an adult dog, which is perhaps used to be that alone, then it depends on how many hours this would be alone. The first 2-3 weeks I would leave no dog alone because only a bond and trust must be there. But then it is possible every day for 4-5 hours. If you go before and after him out and have plenty of time, then that is perfectly fine.

But remember that a dog is 10-15 years old. What's after graduation, have you then still have time? Had he then 8 hours alone?

But you better first 2-4 weeks to be at home when the dog is well accustomed to everything, then he can stay a few hours alone

A dog needs a lot of space to run. You also need to ask yourself whether you have the money and especially the time to

If you have (morning noon go walkies abens, play with him, etc) a few hours a day disposal you could you buy a dog.

I'm somewhat unicher because I'll be so weekdays few hours away.

of a puppy I would in this case definitely discourage you because puppies every 2 hrs. (also the night) out, repeatedly need to be fed and educated daily.. In addition, a puppy from separation anxiety would whine and cry all the time and contaminate the apartment!

If you absolutely have a dog want, then you concentrate on a full-grown and have behaved dog who is already already accustomed to a couple of times to be alone h..

Go best times to the shelter and see you around there, there are many beautiful dogs, many dogs with a pedigree looking for a new home!

The dog will survive it, but it takes but then a lot of time and especially money to complete. I würds blank.

depends on the duration. a few hours, would be ok

Yes, learn at your life circumstances and lessons and lectures is no place for a dog!

If you want during your spare necessarily be with a dog, Then apply to be in a shelter at Gassi-goers.

Whether small or large dog, when before purchasing the dog already knows that the animal must be left alone for several hours on a regular basis, then it is animal-friendly not bother to get a dog.

I got myself after studying a dog, as I have already worked. During the study, there is indeed more time, but will also be happy with friends to do something, etc. Then the dog will have to wait at home for you while you still prefer going to the beer garden after college or something and not bring the dog yet home , You know not yet where your road, or if you have enough time later.

May I take my dog ​​to work, which I have directly initially clarified that. Otherwise it would not have come into question - 5x9h home alone and after work one wants to also not necessarily the right nor ne huge round dog (especially in winter!) Must run.

I'd wait a bit and you if recommend a slightly older dog who sometimes can be alone and might not need 3h day movement)

Incidentally, I go with my (Poodle, now 13 months) morning jog 4km and again in the evening for 30 minutes and of course in between out for Pipimachen. So 3h - usually - more than exaggerated.

That you make here better not ask, here it git often simply know-it people ask the many demands that are totally ridiculous. Ask someone who really modest white.

If a cat come in ask? :)

A few hours is ok! Dogs are so great

animal cruelty, it is not, but if neither you nor he / she has what, from the other, it makes no sense right?

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