Buy as minors stuff on the Internet - What would be a crime?

Before any would-be psychologists come: No I'm not underage and deserve neither social hours, a slap in the face (which is indeed recommended by many Internet-educators) even jail.

Anyway, I keep hearing that rogue Internet retailers do business with teenagers. This sometimes comes out during the phone verification. Then it is said that one has committed an offense for fraud and forgery and criminal complaint was filed. Besides the money will be deducted from deposit until the matter was clarified. Is not lawful, but does not include my question.

Anyway, this is more perfect idiocy with fraud and forgery. I am not aware that a registration form on a web page is a document. Likewise, constitutes the offense of fraud, the false Vertäuschung things AND the case arises a financial loss for the victim. But since money was überwießen ensteht even a pecuniary advantage.

Today I worked through the whole Criminal Code and found nothing with which no § which is specifying described as full age under 18s. Have I missed something? What is the following offense?

The best answer

It is only in that fraud, if the age is asked. For example, if you at amazon a game from 18 buy it but not yet are. Most will not even asked on the website after the age.

Preferably, I find it irresponsible of Paypal that here young people, almost children, can open an account. Nothing is indeed checked.

No, that's not a crime, and especially not a scam and no forgery. The contract is usually made of the Protection of Minors reasons (Mid) ineffective.

Would-be psychologists? oO There are also many genuine.

Fraud is a criminal offense. Freq some Straaftaten on, and you get an insight into the juvenile detention center. Wrap from the transaction through a full age person.

What, you want to order some things and not pay them ?!

Such personal details are always ausuzfüllen truthfully.

After all, concludes a contract from under false pretenses.

The false statement of age is actually not a crime. The risk that arises from this, responsibility of the dealer.

that a registration form on a web page * no deed is. German ... a typo and the whole sentence and its meaning rotates 180 degrees.

forgery of documents

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