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Hello :) I bought a sweater on ebay and I'm not quite sure, because at my purchases I have is 2 bought but only paid one (see picture). Actually, I just want one, now comes simply, I paid or both come only if I paid both? You know how I can remove this? In addition, the lights a sign with the paid (see picture), the meaning of this, he has been abgeschikt? I have just given the wrong address and now get no news. Lg and thank you;)

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It looks like you bought 2 items. Please to storneiren the seller the 2nd article that you did not notice that you have 2 x clicked. He will certainly be glad to help you. As it is, he has already sent the first article, or print the shipping level and is now waiting only that you still pay the second article, so that it can send. The make many sellers ..

Forget not equal mitzuschicken him the correct mail address. Otherwise running everything on Ebay and would be found in the news there!

Your image result you bought two sweaters .. Right!

Write the seller that is obviously run there something wrong and cancel the second sweater. Since then most also equal to specify the correct email.

Write the seller immediately -having questions to the seller and ask for cancellation of the second article.

shopping in England and specify false e mail account ????????????????????

Means this packet sign not that it was already abgeschikt?

  1. Specify correct email address.
  2. Cancel Unpaid sweater immediately.

Currently actually haste 2 purchased and have to pay the 2nd yet.

In a pinch Ebay call support.

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