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Which laptop can recommend me as a DJ? I use Serato DJ od. Tractor Would it work with a Cromebook?

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Specific recommendations is almost impossible, due to changing hardware setups immensely fast. A laptop that has been recommended last week, there is next week possibly no longer for sale.

There are a few basic rules that you should consider:

  1. Orientier you to the hardware requirements of the manufacturer. Of this, but you should vary by 25-50%, ideally, never down, upwards. This sounds at first a lot, but is often in numbers quite manageable.
  2. Use the computer only für's laying. Stability problems result in nearly all cases, not from lack of power, but from constantly running background services such as auto-updater, firewalls and virus scanners.
  3. Uninstall everything you do not necessarily need on the computer. Disable (not uninstall!) In Device Manager also any Bluetooth and WiFi devices.
  4. Go to the computer is not in the net! Our web portal allows you an update or other data that they upload on an external computer and then play them on the laptop.

Obey you that you're in good shape. A Mac of course, one does not need it. The computers are also only recommended because they are at the hardware side always very well equipped, and thus also have little problems with most software. But they are also very expensive. A Windows computer with the same performance is cheaper and works just as well. My tip: Take a look, for example times, the models of MSI on.

I also find me a computer for DJing - there is a good overview of what is akommt at a laptop for laying:

Well. Quite so little power you do not need. Especially with Serato can come to its limits by the computer for longer sessions. I would therefore always recommend a computer which is quiet overproportioned for pure dj programs. Mac Book is certainly a good choice, especially if you also produce interest in (eg Logic) and the wherewithal have (cheap MacBook Pro is 1.1-1.3k €) Package I personally nothing under 8gb ram and MDST I5 buy at the 2ghz. 4gb ram but should be sufficient eigl.

Do not let zuschwallen of the Apple geeks in which allegedly always everything works - but woe if then do not even ...

I do not know that the DJ software runs on Chrome OS, but let myself be happy to disabuse.

Otherwise, there are no less demanding. A bit audio and a few effects are for today's computer, regardless of the power class, no real challenge more. Only one thing: if there is to be Serato let the fingers away from AMD processors.

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