buy dog ​​= 1-hour drive

Hello, we probably buy today a German Shepherd ca 61cm large. The ride is 40 minutes away, we have a car with 5 seats, he could sit at the window and thus jump nirgendswo out also naturally buckled. May we take it so, or do we need something special?

The best answer

If you have a good Dog Belt and the dog already knows (should be able to check for yes) fits that. For the future I would transport him in the trunk and attach a dog guards.

Although the boxes may be more secure but 1. I build. not daily accidents and 2. Is my dog ​​in there can hardly move, even if the box barely fit into a station wagon and only takes up space

In my Nuckel tiller I have no trunk, so more than a Handtaschenräumchen ^^ The dog sits in the back seat on her blanket, for the police that enough to secure loads and the attempt by buckling up ... well, there were several and all with the result the Madame from the crockery hops)

Who alone can his dog 6 hours a day, and thus expresses, as if you were an animal as an object 'buy', and, as is clear from the other issues, has no Ahung of dog ownership and dog training, which should bring no ,

Better go to the shelter and bring there dogs.

40 minute drive are a good reason to look only times to drive and not equal to take the dog. A first contact before buying is always appropriate.

But so be it, your decision is probably. Then the phone with the owner whether the dog has a harness. Only with this he has some reasonably secure good in the backseat.

Heidenei, sharing with an unknown shepherd the rear seats, which would strike me never to mind!

I know myself with directives not like this but I would do it in a transport box. So it is more convenient for you and the dog.

If you have a specific, well-fitting Dog Belt, does that. If the dog often driving, a box is recommended.

We probably buy today a German Shepherd ca 61cm Large

then we can indeed here already be in for a call for help from you.

Oh God ... - the poor dog ...

How did you do it only managed to weichzuklopfen your mother ...?

The dogs Purchase's now quite unplanned and thoughtless ...

Transporting ye the dog with a very well matched crockery and the associated harness.

There are enough.

In the long run you transported Shepherds safest in a special box.

But your parents will probably take care of it ...

Tell your father that he can read on the page of the ADAC good reviews for securing dogs in the car.

Happy dog

I would take him in a transport box. He is not used to you and driving, then ANYTHING can happen.

you know the dog is not? you do not know how it behaves when driving? then anything can happen. best buys / you lend you a first hundetransportbox and takes him so! or buys you as a network and then the hundi comes in the car boot.

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