buy dog ​​from abroad

Hello to you all I want to buy a Chihuahua unfortunately the abroad have her experience what it would cost a Chihuahua of transport here to Germany

The best answer

I would not buy a dog from abroad. Unless you were designed by suburb and have you a picture of the breeding environment gemacht.Es all depends on where the dog is. Is it the duty is not vaccinated enough so the animal for a time to keep quarantined. From 100 to 500 euros you can expect, depending on how the animal is transported around.


When organizing the dog is mediated via a reputable animal rights group the transport and can also advance the costs say.

Otherwise stay away, usually the pure scams, the dog are you'll never see your money and not even. Again, in animal welfare, there are plenty of such dogs.

Why do not you just go out to the animal market to, because there are the dogs for a knockdown price, as you do not need abroad.

Have you ever called and asked various shelters.

The costs are likely to be smaller, to import a dog from abroad.

1. No dogs from abroad

2. Find you is a reputable breeder of registered in a herd club

3. dogs with papers

Sit best with animal welfare organizations in connecting you find in the Internet.

We have them brought a Mongrel from Spain, we have paid for the ticket plus veterinarian and all vaccinations were about 200 €

Went long until he was with us, for it must be sought but do everything that he could fly and before he needed investigations and all vaccinations one air Pate.

Is there such a dog in Germany not?

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