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Hi, I wanted to ask you whether I should buy a cat or a dog on my birthday and I want a sale. I wanted eig. Only ask to take what ih because I need a everyday helpers but the cats are so irresistible 0.0, I do not need entertainment. Danke schon mal for your reply (please also write why should I buy it)

The best answer

as everyday helper is good only a dog. the hot assistant dogs have ne appropriate education behind and are not exactly cheap. but after all I know ne incredible support

defining entertainment. dogs need more time, both positive and negative. ne pet education is ne time-consuming thing. ne cat hand will tell you to make time "DU? want to play with me NOW ?! um ... nah make time alone, degree does not fit me .."

dogs must go walkies, depending on breed are busy mentally, you have to pick up their hinterlassenscahften, they need guidance and education

cats (plural, in house entertainment please not a single cat!) are headstrong and independent, making mostly rather what they want and if you luck did they want the same as you. They will be romantic on and they will be on the sofa. the litter box must be cleaned and holidays always mean see also NEN sitter

cats live ne whole corner is longer than dogs, they can 20 years and older. both monthly not cheap and can destroy the disease falling hundreds of Euros in a short time

you speak only of what you need. the animals need. what exactly do you want from your pet, what do you want? dogs and cats have very different requirements for the holders

talk with your landlord. what allows you at all and what is not

Ok, I've noticed here, you're 13? In what you need NEN dog as everyday helpers? So in the kind of guide dog? As a cat would be no competition against, no matter how cute they may be.

Dogs are just generally more expensive than cats, especially in relation to dog control, possible fines for not weggemachten heap and more vet costs (eg cats are not chipped). Dogs also need depending on how old possible to obedience school so that they are socialized and hear. Costs also something. Cats you have to even raise a little, but not as strict as dogs because not so much possible.

Personally, I prefer dogs because I like how affectionate they are, that they learn tricks hear every word and you can go out with them properly.

With 13 years you can buy yourself a dog, not a breeder or animal shelter are animals out to underage.

get informed first about appropriate cat attitude. 1 cat is not appropriate to the species.

For a dog you need much more time than for a cat.

You can leave him alone a maximum of 4 hours and have at least 2 hours with him to go out and deal with it. AT LEAST!

A dog costs about 150 euros per month, so that everything is covered.

Can you afford the time and financially you?

But a cat takes time and money. One should not hold individually nor cause forever alone the animal.

Animals are not gifts and no merchandise. There are living beings.

I would buy both

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