buy dog, what breed?

Day, I'm going to buy in 2 months a dog, my favorites were there: German Shepherd, Siberian Husky and Labrador.

To me: 4 Family of apartment in the city (110 m2), dog is 1 hour or sometimes 1 hour later must remain alone. Sporty, he must be, is already busy, if he wants it, of course, that's going more than 4x Gassi and Sport operate (cycling and other stuff), Comforter needs and kindness must of course be there to "protect" it should also, if wants to get in our area out my mother evening with the dog and comes in a difficult situation, that he should not only stand around, barking special is and when it should be must attack, STOP PROTECTING.

Which of my favorites would meet these conditions? And what would a perfect PRICE for the dog to not too much but not too little (for propagation, etc.) should be.

Experience with dogs: No, my father used to have a (previously, 20 years ago).

Thanks in advance and I hope you can help me! :-)

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selected by you dog all have completely different characteristics (which, of course, to promote and demand applies). You can compare these races hardly spoke. Since you should definitely again procure sufficient information in your family.

The price of a dog is the least amount that will need her. Not to compare with the current costs in a dog's life.

And a well-reared, well bred and socialized dog costs on a real breeder always at least 1000 euros -. Probably even more.

All inexpensive dogs are so cheap because they do not come from an actual breeding - but more or less of propagators who want to get have a litter (and correspondingly few factual and professional knowledge), or the "quick buck" with just want to make requested breed dogs (worse) or from other suspect sources.

Proper dog breed will cost a lot of money (we can work and time spent outside times before). No one will put as much money into the breeding - and afterwards proposed the dogs come cheap to the new holder. Bill Lige dogs are only cheap because it has been saved massively in their breeding - else would such a cheap price can not be realized. And everything you einsparst as a buyer on the purchase price - that you put behind the vet twice and three times on the table again.

At a reasonable breeder you'll also informed sensible about the breed - buy without a dog "must" (question is even often, whether one really trusted you and your family a dog - breeders are there very picky - but for all buyers) ,

Perhaps it would be very useful if you ever visited breeder of your desire and breeds of which advise you let. Thus you find your perfect family dog.

Good succeed


Stay away from Husky! Huskies need extremely a lot of movement. Can usually remain poor alone and "enjoy" it is the neighborhood like with Heulkonzerten (even several!). They are equipped with a true Nordic stubborn and have a super strong hunting instinct, which is why they can not disturbing sounds. But they then brace themselves while walking orderly in the canvas. therefore to let off steam they need Zugsport AND an escape-proof fenced plot where they can romp with other dogs sometimes. Of the three races she also hair also most. Just ask for "Nordic in Not" why most Huskies are submitted ... :(

Most people will experience fewer problems that the dog NOT protect, but rather with the fact that they can not affairs a raging 40 kg dog, the one "enemy" sees in every passersby. So forget the Sch ... with "protective", "attacking" Dog! If someone regards a woman with a large dog, the ways and means the dog has off! Your mother should rely on pepper spray or the like so dear.

Shepherd: No! Siberian Husky: Jain!

Shepherds are not just beginners dogs and they need a lot of education. A Siberian Husky needs a lot of exercise and needs to be utilized not only physically but also mentally. Some Siberian Huskies love to cuddle, others are not. Think it over well, none of these races is really suitable for beginners, and I also do not think that a serious and experienced breeders in your terms loosely entrusted you with a puppy / dogs, because you have to convince already. Now please do not feel personally attacked, but was the truth.

It is fair to draw conclusions from the races on their basic properties, but there are individual ztdoch quite significant differences. We zBseit long time repeatedly Golden Retriever, always bitches because they are usually a little more gently. We had Goldies, which have moved rather less, and then again which 20 km at the wheel running, lying down shortly ... and then want. ;-) If you take puppy, you can and you have to dominate the animal, socialize and educate while setting personal priorities. I would always recommend Breed dogs a registered breeder to get healthy as possible animals. However, this has then its price, at Retrievers currently this is around 1150- 1200 approximately €. Of the mentioned by you n breeds of Labrador is certainly the most moderate race. They are with appropriate treatment, the perfect Familienhunde- affectionate, intelligent, friendly, intelligent. But there are also hunting dogs that do not simply need exercise and movement, but also require headers and olfactory work to be busy witklich. In addition, they love water and are at water sports. The grooming is of all races certainly the most straightforward, as they are short-haired. In labs, I would take your place more dogs because they have an extra wax instinct than females.

I would you empfeheln a Border Collie or Australian Shepherd. Both very active and running joyfully. From Husky as first dog I'd advise you. a real breeder you are also no Husky if you do not have dog experience. Shepherd was going but are not as portable but more stocky and Labrador are prone to obesity. If you are looking for I'd like you told recommend the two races above a dog with Power. :)

a shepherd dog because he is very athletic and playful. would the puppies but when buying so you can teach him a lot, also you can indeed two dogs buy stop just a different breed I hope I could help good :)

If you are viewing categories, that the dog is attacking, you can already start time to put money aside for all the penalties and Schadenersatzklgen which then wait for you. The completely wrong approach for a dog. How could your mother because so far survive without dog? Add to this that children can not buy dogs.

White your landlord already that you seek an aggressive dog?

schmuse needs and friendliness are character properties (non-racial reasons) "protect" as well as the so-called

go best times in the animal shelter and watch as the dog han maybe there corresponds a your notions

The Labrador would fit yet. Is suitable for beginners and also family friendly. Protect can beiringen him.

Best regards, Sara

you can have no dog buy, because there must be volljaehrig ... please read some good books about dog attitude and the necessities of different breeds ...

You may not train dog to attack people!

a husky is a high performance sporter and needs at least 20-25km expiring daily best under load ...

there are very nice dogs and consultation in a animal shelter

Hey-hey ... I just barely read that you are about your father edit to buy a Rottweiler ...

Now I find your suggestion but already pretty bizarre - do you know at all what you want?

About the purchase prices for the races you mentioned you want to know more?

Sensible and responsible reared puppies of these breeds you'll hardly be able to buy below 1000 € - but: you are not of legal age, so you can not buy a dog !!!

And please do not start your parents to persuade a dog they do not really want to like to include in your family


All three races have their advantages / disadvantages and!

Mongrel: 'hyperactive', only suitable for beginners, very strong, 'guarded', easy to train

Shepherd (what ?, there are many different types, such as German Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd, ...): easy to train, 'guarded', suitable for beginners definitely very strong

Labrador: sometimes very obstinate, 'guarded' most strongly, for beginners very suitable

If your mother is older but I advise you to a race that is not quite as strong (your selected're very strong) because it can be pulled away from the dog otherwise, and this pulls away.

My personal recommendation is the German Shepherd (short hair), they are so loving and can also educate well.

Lg. Lena

to protect order, I recommend the shepherd we had bad in to caves because he does not know a who was so sweet and just has also Beschütz so if you think I want to have now but buying in better than puppy as an adult it is 10 years ago you and then not protect you unless he is very tame :)

Try going to a breeder or veterinarian and let advise you :)

Shepherd, I would say

boarder collie or australian shepherd

The races you there are aufzählst only Experienced lezte! Pick prefer a different breed from! glg

Here's a tip ^^

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