buy dog, yes - no?

Good day,

there are certainly already many threads on this subject, but I want to specifically collect my circumstances, opinions and one probably also advice from experienced dog owners / dog school owners.

I know all my life that I'm going to eventually establish its own four-legged friends. I grew up all my life with dogs - the different races. Thus, I have experience in education / traits of the dog.

I am now 22 years old and think about 1-2 years since it amplifies zuzulegen own dog. We have in our budget already an older dog (Labrador) who is absolutely faithful and top educated. (Just a little greedy, but I think that the most quadrupeds: D).

I plan zuzulegen a Australia Sheperd. (Not because this is a fashion dog currently and do not claim because the people with their superficial knowledge of the race, it would be easy to raise or a super family dog).

What I look for is a "one-man-dog" of imprinted on me, but also families and strangers Suitable is (for there is no specific breed, which is education!)

I am sporty, go 4 times a week to the gym and 2 times a week mountain biking, but there would be no problem for my dog ​​to go more biking and less into the studio to include it in my hobby.

My concerns are that very much in front of me I have 22 years (probably build a master / technician / like doing, house in a few years, and and and). I'll vorraussichtlich still live about two years at home, in the time I had it, of course, relatively easy with respect the fact that I can stay away or even a night in the evening, as he is still in the pack.

Now, if I have my own apartment, where will I live alone one probably that looks different. However, the matter is also planned so that I want to socialize the dog as possible and make Alltagstauglich to have him always possible here.

Another thing is and will continue to so happen now, people will report that accused me I was too young and do not know what's coming. However, when you think times, that is you never know in life. If you want something then you can accommodate it in his life. In addition, I am in the prime of life of the dog to ensure many wonderful experiences, I'm fit, can integrate it perfectly in my hobby and put in any difficult financial situation.

What do you say?

I am very pleased with opinions, reviews and other important things that you should consider.

Enjoy reading and processing of my information provided and many thanks for hopefully many comprehensive and qualified responses.

The best answer

Hi, I think so you're a dog type. but find also gain through your goals as a good qualification, build house etc that the dog might now would be premature. Imagine you have a super job and built a house, and in time for the collection is a puppy that would be perfect for everyone;) So I see just the problem that you have a one-man dog want but the first years only have little time going for the dog. The person in the household is resistant and is considered a particularly trusting is then selected, so it can also happen that the dog chooses someone else from the family. I once knew a technician who has worked and still casually done, very often one has not seen him, either because work was or was learning. I fear the time may not be sufficient if you work and still learning for exams. Should we halt everything myself also weigh, but I find it too early for a "one-man dog" since as I read the parents the first 2 years help to care for him and he should then move indeed. If it should be fixed on one of your parents, that would mean after 2 years to take him. And he should have chosen you, it may be that it with the rest of the pack can not start as much in 2 years. And there are an estimated 400 breeds that would do anything about join the same since you wonder why it has to be the Aussie ?? May indeed only come from me but me personally would be too stressful with work, build house, hobbies learn plus go to the dog place and several hours of time with the dog for a walk / run and family planning is perhaps but still. And if you are looking after you have the qualifications to a new job, you limit the fact that the dog is having to work, finding an already extremely. Not so good if you build a house will.Würde therefore wait until the "area" is ready, so he does not have to move and he may also to work - then is the perfect time for a one-man dog;)

The most important question I ask myself is just.

"Where is your dog when you go to work and you live alone?"

Have you a job in which you are allowed to take the dog, or the time a sitter?

A dog can indeed be alone a maximum of 4-5 hours, but most professionals 9 hours away without travel time.

I have 2 years ago (when I was your age) also brought a dog. I also grew up with dogs. I then made my education moved away, in the PerIod our dogs are unfortunately died. Without dog it was, however nciht the same, so I looked for a job that allows dogs and looked around in shelters and my Suki found.

I do not think you're too young, so far you bring everything together.

Dogs cost money (about 150 euros per month) and time (a Aussi easy time 4-5 hours a day for utilization, head and body). If you can combine that with your everyday life, and want to ensure that for the next 15 years, see icih there is no problem.

I might now list as many pro or contra arguments, but in the end you have to decide it for you. You've also already made very detailed thoughts on the subject, just listen to yourself, others you can not make the decision!

it is good that you about it thought you do.

I she at the moment no moeglihkeiten that you buy your own dog. in your age are the professional foot hold and even a private house stood reasons vordergraund ... as a dog comes up short with great safety.

a dog should only 4 max 6 hours to be alone at home ... for pet sitter etc has to be earned then already very good ...

I have basically already can feel that you understand what dogs and also deal with it. But Think about good as you managst the'll if you do not take it and it will certainly occur frequently.

Jaa .. the dog suit you.

Why it must be a purchased dog and no one from the shelter?

Now come to me not "used" with


Who knows what has gone through and what the bang will have.

Or old / sick dogs ......

There, too, there are young dogs of 2 ~ 3 years and puppies.


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