Buy Gamer Pc, select where?

Hello, I would like to see soon a Gamer Pc buy my budget 650Euro, I do not want to spend more. I'm currently really despair of it I have been 3 weeks.

My Favorite features: AMD FX-6300 (6x 3.5GHz six-core) MSI 970A-G43 (AMD 970) AMD Radeon R9 270 (2GB) or R9 270X 8GB RAM (DDR3-1600) 1TB hard drive (7200rpm) DVD burner (22x , Double layer) min 600W power supply case. Thermaltake - Chaser A21, black Windows 7 I've been.

As I said I do not want to build myself the Pc. I have found a company that offers the Pc and the same upgrade components. Villeicht can anyone tell me if the system is there good and whether the man can buy that. Http: // ObjectPath = / Shops / 61096795 / Produ ...?

with other companies to get the same good kommponenten 100 Expensive. Vill can someone help me. Since I but now long seeking.

The best answer

Must it necessarily be the FX from AMD. The i5 4460 is better suited for games.

The PC is supplied assembled !!

Search because the parts, assembling costs in the 25 €

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