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Hi, I have to buy before a multi-family house. Is renovation needy and the roof is not insulated. Do I have to make the roof when buying immediately? How can I remove mold and get the walls dry?

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I can not really read what is expected to cost the house so far? Is the house rented out? What are the rental income in the house? The most important in a multi-family house is still the situation? Questions, questions, maybe you could be a little more closely. You might want before buying the house to watch a surveyor, the need to be a verifier of educating yourself about possible risks.

If you buy a house where such questions were not clarified already BEFORE you can your money straight to the window throw. The money for a surveyor would be applied for here. You'll get some yes with the seller on the cost. If he does not want that, you should stay away from the object can be.

Since the restoration is usually more expensive than the price for Haus.Da you have to poke a lot of money, whether it is worth asking

Normally when renovating the roof is what you approach first of all, but this house I would take not determined because of mold !!!

Hands off. Money grave.

You are sure that you want THIS house for sale: roof, mold, walls ????

The question is, how much money is available to you?

Mold and wet walls? Stay away if you're not an expert!

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