Buy with PayPal one credit card online something

I often see that I have to enter my Kreditkarteninformatoen to online pay anything. Now unfortunately I have to be able to not have any, because I still have no regular income have a. But can not buy without a credit card, and if so, how do I do that? With PayPal

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You can deposit money with which you can then pay online on your PayPal account. So, you do not have a credit card. but PayPal can withdraw directly from your account by direct debit. Again, no credit card is needed.

Paypal is an online payment service of eBay ... Since you can specify your checking account, and then providers to pay the offer this as a payment option.

But beware !!! Ebay is not just to be known especially service-friendly. In addition, fees are charged and they always book from whether money is there or not and whether MRP is there or not. And finally the most important when the paypal account is hacked have unrestricted access to your bank account.

Can you buy a prepaid credit card. For example Kalixa ... which costs no charge as long as you use them every half year once. Works else like a regular card only you have it just boot from your checking account.
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source PayPAl

We use your payment sources in the following order: (where the respective payment sources available in your account):

PayPal balance Debit Credit Card Bank Transfer If you have sufficient funds in your PayPal account, we use this always first. If your credit is sufficient for only a part of the payment, we will use for the balance debit or credit card. If only bank transfer is available, we will use this funding source for the total amount.


3.5 Preferred Funding Source. If you pay with PayPal, we'll show you every time which funding source we use. If you want to select a different payment source, you can do that at this point.


3.6 Exclusion of payment sources. PayPal may exclude certain payment sources for selected transactions as part of its risk management. If we exclude a funding source, we will indicate which other funding source we use instead.

Yes you can. you need a paypal account and a normal bank account then you can buy online and pay with Paypal.

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