Buyer Will return and seller reacts with display and lawyer

Hello My last purchase is totally gone in the pants. Stuff I've already reported. I have opened a Paypal case as three figures of the collection I bought is not creeping of the brand. I would like a compensation / replacement or a complete withdrawal would be my favorite because the entire collection is extremely worn out what you could not see in the pictures that way. Since they were but given as needed, I can not do much there.

Whatever Paypal now decides the seller he would juice now a display connected to me for fraud and also notified his lawyer, because she is sure that I was the only wants to give back because I could get them cheaper elsewhere.

They say probably because I asked for redemption before opening the package

It all happened so go that you do not like to want to pay the Paypal fees and we agreed that she later sends an abort that I send the goods back and then gives me 10 euros of 30 euros saved toll. Later I found only 1/3 for me not fair and when I asked for the half went off the whole controversy

Can you show me because I demand the withdrawal or compensation? Is that at all possible I see that? The three figures are shown to be of creeping

The best answer

describe the way here in the open case and then you have to wait and see how PayPal decides.

if you do, privately buying always the thing with the take back but that's a offentsichtlicher was when they read the that and the brand but in reality that is not but that was

If you have already asked before opening the package to redemption, which is quite incomprehensible and I can understand countries seller. You did not mention earlier.

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