By boat and dog from Europe to Canada?

Hello, I would like my dog ​​to Canada for bagpacken. Does anyone know with which shipping line, this is good and cheap possible? Please detailed reply.

The best answer

which is already failing to quarantaenebestimmungen (Canada)! let it be know and care with a good placing for your dog

Much cheaper than the cruise ship it comes in the form of a voyage by freighter. Since you are no entertainment, but get to know great new people. However, there are on these ships often strict rules that could potentially limit the traveling with a dog. Just ask at the specialized travel agencies (check by Googling) to which usually offer good advice.

that is only with a cruise ship. And whether your dog is questionable take. Sure to come on the size of the dog. Do you have to even look at cruise operators, whether because someone travels to Canada. But from Germany, rather not.

Why you want to take your dog?

If it is ultimately might be possible to take him, will definitely be plenty of paid studies, health certificates, quarantine regulations, etc. on you ...

Want to get the dog to expect?

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