By train and dog (35kg) to Italy Rome

Does anyone have experience traveling by train and dog. My dog ​​is so big (35kg) but very quiet. By plane I have a little doubt. Search therefore people who have already had experience with rail travel and dog. I was for example also explained that I have to pay the cleaning of the compartment, if I take the dog. But since I have to drive from Stuttgart to Rome, I have to change even how many cleanings have to because there then be under the guidance ?? :)) It all sounds adventurous !!

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I can answer your question only partially, but maybe it helps you anyway. Call times the side of the DB and enter in the search "dog".

You have to buy a ticket for your dog, such as for an adult, and he must be leashed and muzzled. He must not pose a nuisance to other travelers.

I believe that you get back when it is very quiet and well-behaved, no one has anything against. You should also definitely reserve a suitable place, for example, that where your dog has plenty of space at the output or so to lie down (When reserving one can the compartments with room numbers see)

The cleaning of the compartment you have to pay only when your dog happens a misfortune! Otherwise not. Plane times in between stays, where the dog can get out and you take the next train then - but you know that determines itself.

This is only valid for Germany - as it is in Italian trains with dog, I can not answer unfortunately.

That does not match the compartment cleaning! Dogs pay half fare and may naturally not in Food Cart. If you book a sleeper, you have to book the whole compartment. It would be best if you have a dog wearing a muzzle, which may require the Schaffner namely. Otherwise a train trip for dog is securely connected to less stress than a flight or a car trip, because he can move indeed. Oh, and if you have a dog, of course, "pieselt" into the compartment, then it may well be that you have to pay for the cleaning.

The dog must travel in its box. Gassi just goes on longer Aufenthalten.Von cleaning the compartments I have not heard anything, are also not the dog's in the box. I can imagine if he vomits, the then cleaning costs you incurred. We are last year with our dog to the island of Texel, Holland, went without problems. The other passengers, and the crew members were all friendly.

You should be able to be helped quickly ...

You talk with friendly people of a call center of Deutsche Bahn and shalt diligently exactly ...

Cleaning I needed in DB trains never !!!

However, it is also a matter of course, what my dog ​​dirty to clean again for me ...

How the case is with the Italian track, I can not tell you ...

But even there making you doubt an email with a friendly request further.

This takes about 24 hours. Want this really doing to your dog?

Nonsense! You do not clean the compartment! My friend drove with a Newfoundlander from Cologne to Berlin (added, is NOT Stuttgart - Rome) but it has everything worked out great.

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