calculate threshold S and proportionality C: Restricted Growth

Hello community, and although I have to the following task is simply no solution. There is a table where the years 0,1,2,3,4 and including a number (growth of the animal population) B (0) = 8000 B (1) = 6000 B (2) = 5000 B (3) = 4500 B (4) = 4250 (I hope that I properly so lie that this is a limited growth.) My task is now to develop a modeling it. Had no problem for me, if I knew how to calculate the threshold S and the proportionality factor c. The equation is yes: B (n + 1) = B (n) + c * (SB (n)) I very much hope that you can help me! :-)

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Idea: You could, each with two pairs of values ​​(eg with (0 | 8000) and (1 | 6000) and (1 | 6000) and (2 | 5000) set up two equations occur in each of c and S with the establishment process. you can calculate this then.

c = 0.5; S = 4000 (fits for acceptance)

Comical growth, where the values ​​of B are getting smaller.

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