Calculating with powers if no law intervenes?

Hello, how to do arithmetic with potencies when none of power laws accesses? In our math book deals only with the laws .... Can my please jmd the example vorrechen? 6²x2³ =? Thanks;) Lg

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You calculate normal just 6 ^ 2 which is 6 times 6 So 36 the second power is 2 ^ 3 2 times 2 times 2 is 8. Then you have to count only 36 times 8 and that is 288. If in your math book searched for a simplification? Often namely said: 6 ^ 3 times 4 ^ 3 and is then to be simplified. Then we can write: (6 x 4) ^ 3, ie 24 ^. 3 I do not know how it is in your math book but if only calculate is a task you need to expect as I have explained above. If there is oversimplifying it then as just grade the example. Hope I could help

You have until 6 high 2 count so you have to get 36 2 thus highly expected 3: 36x8 and then expect only together 36x8 = 288 done! I hope konnze help

Generally Always expect the power and then multiply. So here only 6² = 36 and 2³ = 8 and then 36x8

there is a potency law for this bill, but I know it by heart not, look in your math book vlt times in the next chapter otherwise just google the net, good luck;)

6² = 36 ... 2³ = 8 => 36 * 8 = 288

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