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Unfortunately, I have the following problem with my router. on my router are 2 dect phones connected the and everything works einbandfrei but are call logs not displayed.

a PC is at 24/7 and looking for a program, or similar to the calls to display. the thing should refreshen itself and be always up to date. something like rss ...

Unfortunately google could not help me. hope one of you has a plan and / or can give me tips which I like the part with the hammer out.

Thanks in advance

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where you want to have this information? There are several variations. If the call history on your phone I can not seem to you because unfortunately not help.

Otherwise your router log this but normally and post them on the Web site of the router to retrieve. There are in the network, depending on the router manufacturer also from time to programs which to sign for you on the website of the router and send call logs e-mail, etc. For example, here:

So Tools visit at least once for Telekom Speedports and for the Fritz box.

Depending on the phone there are also those with a USB port and TAPI support. Then you can use very pleasant functions via software as TAPICall). For example, automatic. Reverse Search on call, the call link with Outlook contacts, calls from Windows (ex. The web simply highlight a number and press a key) directly.

No chance. That what you want, would be a telephone Logging, and that is technically only a suitably equipped telephone system (or as ISDN on the logging of ISDN events through a server service as hylafax conjunction with a Fritz ISDN card). However, the call lists of cordless devices can be displayed possibly, if the the router (DECT base) buys matching handsets. Only with non-original DECT handsets can not be done at the speed haven.

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