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Hay, we have 4 people and have this game Call Of Duty 4 MW 1 brought to play it private 2on2. Well that did not seem so easy with the private server. We are now looking for so long on Youtube and Google and easily find a decent solution. Everyone claims something else and if we try, it does not work. Have you vllt. a tutorial video, would be great! Thanks in advance.

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Simply borrow on sites like this for free a server. The remains active as long as you play it. When a few minutes is nothing going on, it is reset again.

Change Per RCON commands game mode and interactive version.

/rcon login [rconpassword] /rcon promod_mode match_mrXX (Rundenanzahl ändern) /rcon map mp_[mapname] /rcon g_gametype [gametype] 
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