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Campers and adventurers, I need your advice! -I Hope you take time to read!

I'm looking for a nice campsite in Germany. He should be near water (Another dream would naturally right on the water!), Whether sea or lake plays first no role, although the lake would be even better! Of course, the campsite should be Idyllic small village. Even a somewhat secluded location would be no problem, however, Leisure opportunities by bike should (ie so 5-10km) be easily accessible. It would be great if it were allowed to drive on the campsite by car, as is planned by now to stay in a VW bus :). Luxury is not a priority, but the place should be reasonably clean and maintained his (Nice people are endeutig most important!). If the campsite also is still low, it would of course be extremely cool: D. Highly important is, however, the dogs are tolleriert, there are water and fun things :) Sorry that it has become so long:! / LOOK FORWARD ON EACH TIP (please LINK :)!)

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When a river is not a criterion for exclusion, such times for campsites near Oppenheim. There is a really great dog beach where are a lot of people with blankets and picnic baskets, especially in summer, and to pass the time. The beach slopes gently into the water and the Rhine is at this point, even for inexperienced swimmers dogs no problem :-)

It is close to Mainz, Wiesbaden, Worms, on the other side of the Rhine and with ferry from Oppenheim easy to reach as the wildlife and recreational Kühkopf.

Here we were last year with dog. Nearby is the Neuschwanstein castle and you can drive up and walk up there with the Tegelberg (gondola), cycling etc.

The campsite is also really nice and dogs are allowed.

I hope I could help you :)

am Bodensee there is absolutely ingenious campsites. (^^ Therefore also called Swabian Sea) Hast ne mix of lake and sea, excellent cycling routes and leisure activities there as everywhere like sand on the sea: D my personal tip is the region around Überlingen)

Damp on the Baltic Sea. Since there is a great campsite, situated almost at the dog beach.

I like to ride with my dogs always to Doktorsee in Rinteln. The campsite is very idyllic and dogs are always welcome :)

With the bike you are within 5-10 minutes in the city of Rinteln and can the leisure facilities use just like at the campsite there.

While it is not in Germany but in Austria, but this campsite, I can recommend you.

Google time camping in Germany, or the Camping Guide ACSI. The courts are very well described. I always judge then if I want to camp with my dog ​​somewhere

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