Can a breeder subsequently demand money if I privately buy a dog that no longer ge him

Hello, A well-known has recently purchased a Czechoslovakian wolfdog in Czechoslovakia, directly from the breeder. Keep but he could not this. I'm dog-holders for years and the small with my Shepherd understood very well right away, I have to recover it to the very high price. Dog including all documents, EU-PASS; Abstammungsurkunde; Vaccination card I received. The friend, however, had also signed the dog not to sell without the consent of the breeder. The oral consent I have, but now he calls € 250 for the amendment of the papers, the purchase contract. To me, the amount is very high and I doubt that the breeders can be "sold" in the meddle !? Who can give me some advice how to behave?

Greeting Caesar

The best answer

Well, that depends ultimately all depends on how the purchase was vonstatten. If there was a protection treaty banning the disclosure, the breeder is not necessarily wrong. However, it is questionable how this attack here in Germany, or challenged, or is to be enforced in the courts. EU or not.

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