Can a company withdraw from a signed contract?


I have the following problem and would be very grateful if mirjemand who has a good contract law could help.

I would be very grateful, because it feels so powerless as a student. But I believe that I am in the right.

I received my commitment for a student contract with a pharmaceutical company. The contract (promise) I scanned and signed by those present.

Yesterday was the HIDE signature and I have the contract, the original then untschrieben when I was at the company office (from the other since the company he was already signed).

After signing jumped at once on the Persona activist and noted (although she had present my CV already long) that I was sozialkversicherungspflichtig by my previous internships and the company that one probably does not want to pay.

I was torn from the contract back out of his hands and was then in the evening on the phone said they could not take me why yet.

But the contract was signed on both sides and I have the scanned commitment with their signature at me. It should begin next week and I thus now also offers other canceled.

Who is right, and the pharmaceutical company does not have to now pay compensation-I nix more new find as quickly and have counted the money and am dependent on it?

Thank you very much if you could give me just respond to how to proceed.


Anna Salje

The best answer

hm, I'm off times of an AV out - there was no se "first" workday which this AV would not arise - but manager but is long gone and have no other employment? then they have to take you because then otherwise MUST justify a schritflichen justification !! But if you still get money from Dennen, can ask a lawyer for labor law!

what harm you is because emerged?

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