Can a doctor offer a patient a cigarette?

Hello, my father not lead the healthiest life: he is overweight, smokes and has high blood pressure. The other day he told then that he met his doctor somewhere. The doctor (who immediately knew my father), then began to smoke in the presence of my father and my father has then also offered a cigarette. I thought I heard wrong! This should in the health picture but not particularly conducive ... Well, my question: the doctor that a patient is allowed to offer a cigarette or he has thus crossed the line? Thank you!

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If the doctor your father offered a cigarette in a completely private conversation, he is not his doctor, but simply an acquaintance at this moment. If your father is a smoker anyway, this is a cigarette no longer greater influence or worsen his health. lg Lilo

He can boast of that, I think it is wrong. As a doctor, he has a patient is not a fag offering. Well, there is just different doctors. I also once had an unpleasant experience several years ago. I was taking the cure, my treating doctor railed against smoking, he said that I should stop and also gave tips on how I can stop. One day I was ordered to him and I waited outside his door. Since I saw the postman my doctor put a carton of cigarettes into the office. The doctor smoked the same brand as I am.

Yes he can. And your dad has to decide for themselves. His general condition and lifestyle is his decision and no one else else to blame.

Yes he can. From 2 Gründen.1. He does not make it as a doctor but as a private person. 2. Your father can decide how he lives his life. He must do or not do what he wants even if it kills him.

He is allowed to. If your father was a result of consequential damage of smoking at the doctor, he has then also hit, etc. - then it is irresponsible from the doctor, but certainly not forbidden. How do you get because on such nonsense? That you're angry and you're worried, you can understand. Viellleicht telling the time your father, since there are no doubts. My wanted to stop, when I was born. Has he still not hingekriegt he smokes despite vein bridging leg that came by smoking, even further.

may the physician that a patient offer a cigarette or he has thus crossed the line?

There are plenty of doctors who smoke themselves. That's your decision. Yes, he can. Who is to forbid him? Your father does not have to take the cigarette offered yes.

well if he already smokes anyway that a cigarette no longer the goat tears ... and every doctor knows that an immediate withdrawal is very unhealthy for the body;)

Of course it is allowed to! Clarify the best with your father and not with the doctor ^^

So if I understand correctly, it was have indeed taken as the outside is so random? I do not think that's jmd offer a cigarette forbidden it, one must it yes Smoking :) and because it was not in practice, your father was not a patient :) but also (I think)

A doctor may anbiieten you everything is legal. You have to not accept.

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