can a dog be left alone so long?

Hello, we had the question whether we can have a dog longer period alone (whether it is for the dog bad is) (is it was even longer than now decided not matter anyway) we have a no get back. But we decided that my mother then does something with the dog when it comes out of the work again. as against just before eight she draws off to gause and then about 1:15 -1: 30 pm back at home. Now the question is can a dog 5 remain alone daily? I heard that it comes but ichwollte again to ask. my girlfriend hatt also a dog of so long a day alone remains and is doing great. Thank you for your answers

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home. Now the question is can a dog be alone 5 daily

A dog should not stay a day alone for so long, I'd rather lose the animal in the hope that the dog to another family comes .where he just is not alone as long day. Every now and then does not go something but in the long run. Then you should hound to gently teach. A puppy's first few months at all. As an example, I practice are 7 months alone we are at 4 hours.

Please dispense with a dog

From shortly before eight to 13:15 to 13:30 are about five and a half hours. If your mother on the way home yet to get what it is quick six hours.

That is to long.

I bet that no one takes at least after a few weeks, is willing to get up at five so that the dog is busy before work / school and after hours of sleep.

In addition, it is too long to compliance. If the dog was in the morning outside, it dissolves at least half an hour before the last member of the family leaves the house. Possibly pees he already seven o'clock the last time. Until 13:30 (probably later, your mother will want to certainly move) that is too long.

Of course you can keep longer a dog, in principle, in the medium term, however, the risk of bladder and kidney damage increases considerably if he is forced daily to long observance.

it will be hard to be a dog only approximate justice. Your mother did not appear much desire to look after the dog. Sure, a dog can be left alone if he has learned it. But there are also quite a few dogs that have a problem with and develop problem behaviors. But you're still young, there will be many changes in your life. Education, excerpt from home, etc. What happens to the dog ?. Which of you would still want before work / school to make the dog a longer spout / employment, so one hours should do the trick if he so long has to stay alone?

If he is used to do it sometimes. What if in the five hours have time? Many dogs need time alone remain one has but made from the outset is not really a problem. If your dog knows that's that.

This has been going.

Of course you have but the training phase the dog once and something does not work overnight.

Furthermore, one must then also in the morning before the dog is left alone walk the dog with him.

The question was indeed already who-knows-how-often asked and answered ...

My opinion is: if I know before buying or purchasing a dog that he has regularly endure several hours alone at home, then it is essential animal loving to renounce the purchase / sale of a living dog !!!

Your school days are longer, your mother pursue sometimes other periods, your concerns are subject to change, you're going to the dog can not always take ...

Keeping a dog is a responsibility for the next +/- 15 years over take

It is a question of training.

Dogs remain reluctant alone, but sometimes there is no other solution.

Tried it snzutrainieren him before their road ride and convincing yourself sekbst thereof.

That with the morning walkies should always be clear;) best you make your dog before the television or radio on so that the few voices heard .. Then you should play best food buy so that the dog in time employment has .. And not to mention a rich bone :)

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