Can a dog break the tail?

Hello. I wonder if you can break a dog's tail? Have yourself a but of course I did not want to try ;-) Thanks for the helpful answers.

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Clear is that you look at times the skeleton of a dog on the tail has a bone and, in principle, can break any bones. Http:// 2Ffileadmin% 2 ...

Some breeders happened this "accident" with their puppies so then the tail is docked ... With certificate ...


I think yes, he also has bone (caudal vertebrae) in the rod.

Lg. Lena

Is my dogs not happened yet, but a dog of my knowledge, the tail can break. This should even not be so rare = /

Yes you can a dog to black break but not recommended

jaa can, but I werds not try .. happened probably not so rare .. but my DTon it has not happened yet

Jop I knew it also has the tail broken because he had become trapped in the door

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